Shippers of Nigerian crude oil

Nigerian Crude Oils

Bonny Light:

  • Typical cargo size is 950 thousand barrels.
  • API gravity for Bonny Light is 35 degrees
  • Sulfur content is 0.2%
  • bbl/tm conversion factor 7.526
  • Specifications: API 35.4°, S.G. 0.85, Sulphur 0.14, Pour point -18°C, TAN 0.27 mg KOH/g, Nickel 3.6 wppm, Vanadium 0.4 wppm, Visc. (50°C) 2.9 cSt

Qua Iboe:

  • API gravity 36 degrees
  • Sulfur content is 0.1%
  • bbl/mt conversion factor 7.45
  • Specifications:  S.G. 0.8487, Sulphur 0.1175, Pour point 60°F, TAN 0.32 mg KOH/g, Nickel 4.1 wppm, Vanadium 0.3 wppm, Visc. (20°C) 5.71 cSt


  • API gravity is 30 Degrees
  • Sulfur content of 0.2%
  • bbl/mt conversion factor 7.223
  • Specifications: Pour point -27 °C, TAN 0.34 mg KOH/g, Nickel 3.9 wppm, Vanadium 1.0 wppm, Visc. (50°C) 4.6 cSt


  • These are approximate valuations subject to Q & Q


Advantages of Nigerian Crude Oils

NLCOs are the Best Feed Stock in the world for refineries producing low sulfur fuels – only one third the sulfur content of Brent, but through Private Offerings these Crudes are available at very attractive pricing compared to inferior products



Urea 46N GOST 2081-92 NPK 15-15-15 GOSH P 51520 -99, TY 2186-142-05015182-2009


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