Shippers of Nigerian crude oil

Introduction to SNT Corp

S.N.T. Corp. was founded at Panama in 2003 by Cpt. Pavlos Halikias and S.N.Target Marine Limited.

Trans Atlantic Ltd. are co-founders, with the management office in Cyprus.

SNT Corp. is well known as a shipping and trade company for bulk carriers, and all sizes of crude oil tankers, product tankers, ship management and brokerage services .We buy and sell mainly coal, iron ore, scrap metal, grain, fertilizers and petrochemical products.
 The activities consist of a wide range of products transported by sea. They combine the modern terms of delivery and ways of payment provided by the banks which widely support and guarantee SNT’s international transactions. Our rapidly growing business and trustworthy financial reputation allowed Cpt. Pavlos Halikias to buy the equities of S.N Target Marines Limited and Trans Atlantic Ltd. and re-register SNT Corp. to the Marshall Islands in 2009.

CEO of SNT Corp

Pavlos Halikias CEO of S.N.T. Corp.Capt. Pavlos I Halikias

Pavlos Halikias has spent a long career in the shipping and trade business. His family has been in commercial shipping for 3 generations.

I welcome potential Buyers of Petroleum Products to our Website and on behalf of the Company trust that we can be of service to you in the future in supplying petroleum products at competitive prices. 


Richard BeamesRichard Beames

An Engineer with 25 years’ experience in major Construction Projects throughout Africa including energy and water supply and 20 years of International Trade in strategic resource commodities.



Businessman, Christian Nwoke has many years of experience in the Nigerian Oil Industry and represents SNT in discussions with NNPC’s CrudeOil Allocation Holders and Fiduciary Agents in Abuja, the Federal Capital and Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


SNT Corp has now dedicated its activities solely to the procurement, sale and transport of both crude and refined petroleum products.

Currently, SNT sources the supply of Crude Oil from Nigeria and Refined Products from other countries. Up to 120 Million Barrels of Light Crude Oil can be supplied per year from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) from their Bulk Equity Account. 


Our goal is to sell quality crude oil at fair prices worldwide, for the development of Nigeria.

  • Quality Product:

SNT offers Nigeria’s Crude oil which is considered by refineries to be the Best Feed Stock in the World and we legally source this product at competitive prices on a CIF, TTO, TTT or FOB basis.

  • Strong Relationship with Producers:

Over many years our Company has traded with the Continent of Africa and in particular Nigeria, its largest economy, with the belief that SNT is contributing to the betterment and development of its entire people. Capt. Pavlos lives for the major part of the year in Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria.  He admires the people, their society and mentality.  His aim and goal is to help the Nigerian people to exploit their resources in Crude Oil which Mother Nature generously donated them.

Responsibility to our Customers:  Questions which SNT are often asked:-

Is Nigeria a safe country to buy crude oil?   Can we do there without any financial problem?

The answer is yes. Nigeria is a safe country. Western financial procedures are well known but not always applied correctly. SNT has a long term relationship with the local producers and enjoy their confidence.

The SNT’s solution is simple:-  SNT Corp is the actual Seller of the crude oil.